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I started writing with associated content a few years ago. I was a brand new stay-at-home mom cruising around for something better to do with my computer than chat rooms and Mai Jong Have you ever noticed how addicting that game is!?

I need to find out more about this place now.

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Time to Move On When I first started this blog, it was with the intent to help promote my articles on Associated Content. AC displayed predefined article titles and users could "claim" the assignment.

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They also have a large network of writing friends established. Hopefully I get accepted. The next article I wrote was rejected by Associated Content. Wow it has been awhile since I have posted anything here. To get started on the Yahoo!

In contrast to many content publishing sites, AC paid many users for content up front. Since then, I have earned a little money from the views to the article. I read reviews from experienced writers discussing their concern over low upfront payments becoming common place at AC.

Now I just have to write some stuff to submit to them, then I can get a better idea of how their system works. Write an article greater than words and submit it for review. Their book, The Yahoo! My articles are still online on one of their sites. This site will mainly act as my online portfolio.

I think this provides a frank look at the real life of content mill writers.

Writing for Associated Content a Website Review

They accept offers ranging from just about anything. Read our full-length announcement for more. Biggest annoyance with Demand is the editors. Little did I know I would be toiling away at a penny per word until I broke my comma habit and propensity for dangling participles.

I realize their maybe residual from the one before it, but depending on increased results, we should be able to tell which one is the best. The Associated Content team is thrilled to announce the latest step in the evolution of our publishing platform.

However, when you get out of your expertise area, providing blog topics on such things as battery backup systems, real estate in Alaska or IT management you can get bogged down in research in a hurry.

I believe a writer could do well at Associated Content, just as they could at any other freelance writing websites with a large writer pool. I also submitted 2 new articles to Associated Content.

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Web Answers Debra Stang: I was accepted by Text Broker. The CM will kick you out of the system if the lead editor complains to her. I did inquire of running it for them, but I never heard back from them after the initial conversation.

Coupon code clips that were written according to a stylebook have proven to be useless. The biggest drawback — WriterAccess only pays once per month by the tenth day of the following month, painfully slow in the content mill world.

Articles are approved, typically within 48 hours and the money is deposited into your Textbroker account immediately upon approval.

Associated Content

And I am up to 1, page views on Associated Content!The Associated Content library is here to stay! Associated Content from Yahoo! is now the official digital library of the Yahoo! Contributor Network. That means that much of the content you submit through the Yahoo! Contributor Network will still be published on killarney10mile.com, and you’ll continue earning Up-Front Payments and.

Let me give you a brief run-down of my history on this website: I started writing for Associated Content in January of after having spent months struggling on another content site.

Have you ever wondered if there is a content mill out there somewhere that’s better than all the rest? I get this question a lot, from writers hoping that if they can just find the right content mill, they will. Associated Content is an online article directory that pays users to submit articles on virtually any topic.

Associated Content is building an online inventory of articles to helps bring users to their site. Associated Content was an open content platform which enabled anyone to participate in the new content economy by publishing content on any topic, in any format (text, video, audio and images), and connected that content to consumers, partners and killarney10mile.comr: Luke Beatty.

I began writing for Associated Content in June of I had adopted a child and wrote a small article about the experience entitled, "Every Child Needs a Home." I was new to writing and grateful to have been published.

The article earned me an upfront payment of $ Since then, I have earned a.

Writing for associated content
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