Wjec english language and literature a level past papers

Context- -Henry Howard descended from kings and was reared at Windsor Castle. May have had leanings towards the opposed royalist side.

The poetry of the period often reflects the personal and psychological anguish of a world swamped with science and industry as well as gothic influences. Context Marvell unites Cavalier lyric grace with Metaphysical seriousness.

English Literature

Context- Keat was part of the second generation of Romantic poets such as Shelly and Byron. Wrote Cansonere which contained poems- for the unobtainable woman Laura. Puritan Ideology can be viewed in a bad light because of its attitude towards women and srict moral code. Life was too enjoyable to waste and poems were to be written in the intervals of living.

On His Blindness John Milton Overview- In this religious sonnet Milton explores the dilemma of how he can best serve God in thge event of his oncoming blindness. Byron fought against the Ottoman Empire in the Greek War of Independence for this he is considered a national hero, while he died in Greece for contracting a fever.

In Hallam died suddenly and unexpectedly after suffering a cerebral haemorrhage at just 22 years old. Milton believes his only talent is his ability to write and this will be useless when he is totally blind.

Clough concludes by acknowledging that it is geography those who live under the parish steeple or happiness, sadness, guilt or sickness that makes us inclined to believe in God.

Verse two moves into a direcrt address of a metaphorical other, Autumn. Desperate to achieve recognition for his work, Keats devoted himself to writing poetry, unfortunately, Keats died at the tender age of Tennyson yearns for his friend.

In particularthe ageing process- realising our mortality- brings us closer to a religious belief. An Irish man, interested into the British political failings.

The landscape embodies extremes of emotion, stillness and frenzied activity. The extract ends with a threat of war.

After his death his ashes were buried in Poets Corner in Westminster Cathedral and his heart buried in Dorset.

Context- A close friend of William Wordsworth, they both somewhat started Romantic poets. There is a fascination with youth and innocence. Far from the Madding Crowd and Jude the Obscure. The poem suggests that man has mussed the point of pure nature and lusts instread after the exotic.

Donne was born a catholic but was later converted to Anglicanism Donne has become known as the most prominent Metaphysical poets Metaphysical poets use their wits to develop new and imaginative conceits. Context Cavalier Poets Cavalier poets like Robert Herrick accept the ideal of the Renaissence gentlemen who believe in love, soldier wit, man of affairs, muscisian and poet but abandon the motion of being a pattern of Christian chivelry.

The poem explores the physical and emotional reactions of a person in love can experience, including a rather dramatic swoon or faint.

The death of his mother and brother from tuberculosis and his own ill-health are poignantly discussed in this ode to seasonal change. The final verse moves away from her physcial beauty and speaks instead of more abstract qualities such as goodness and innocence.

Close friend of philospophers such as John Ruskin and Thomas Carlyle and shared their radical political beliefs. She was the daughter of a wealthy farmer who would never let the relationship develop, he later married a young woman and had a family of seven children.

Caught between a metaphorical heaven and hell, the speaker by the end of the poem appears exhilarated by the experience of the storm and chooses to stay and face its threat. The sense of the speakers regret is overwhelming in the final verse and the loss that acompaniesthe onset of winter with its figurative implications.

During his lifetime his work was not received well by his critics and he died in ignorance of the importance of his word for future generations of poets.

Speaker is surrounded by loved ones who look on and wait for the moment of passing. The focus is very much on her physical appearance and Byron uses several contrasts to explore the nature of her perfection. Views death as journey:Mar 05,  · I've been trying to find some downloadable past papers for the WJEC Latin GCSE, but can only find papers from OCR.

I'm looking for Latin Language & Roman Civilisation papers, both level 2, from WJEC, as I'm sitting my exam in June Thanks in advance for any help!Status: Resolved.

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Dec 24,  · english; literature; past papers; wjec gcse; Sorry - we are retaking Language not Literature (my mistake) as are several thousands of students throughout the country A-Level OCR English Language lbyrne12 posted, Replies: 2 English words pronunciation. Past papers; For teachers; Home > A Level and IB > English Language & Literature > Anthology Poets AS WJEC.

Anthology Poets AS WJEC. For revision for my resti in January, Poets from the Anthology. English Language & Literature WJEC - LL4 - 6th June».

Edexcel AS and A level English Language and Literature () Here, you'll find everything you need to prepare for the changes to Edexcel AS and A level English Language and Literature from (first assessment and ).

Co-teachability across GCSE English Language and GCSE English Literature with supporting co-teachability resource. Our 'exploding extract' ("source-based") questions allow for a variety of teaching approaches that enable teachers to differentiate and allow students to approach the task in the way that suits them best.

Find a wide variety of past papers and marking schemes from WJEC. Useful revision tools for GCSE, AS and A Level and other qualifications. Gellir canfod amrywiaeth eang o gyn bapurau a chynlluniau marcio o CBAC. Teclynnau adolygu defnyddiol ar gyfer TGAU, UG a Safon Uwch a chymwysterau eraill.

Wjec english language and literature a level past papers
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