Tree essay in english

We should understand the roles and importance of trees in our life and take a pledge to not destroy them as well as encourage people to plant more trees. Mature trees help us to combat the climate changes by refreshing air and absorbing green house gases as they are the main source of climate change.

In species with annual rings, these rings can be counted to find the age of the tree. They breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen that sustains our life. Trees are the friends of humanity and share our feelings and moods. Large and mature trees are more benefiting in nature than smaller ones as they capture more carbon, filter green house gases at high rate, capture more storm water, provide big shadow and combat urban heat, reduce energy use and many more, so we should not cut them even in emergency.

We should participate in the discussion or meeting related to the trees conservation issues in the community or state.

A small group of trees growing together is called a grove or copse, and a landscape covered by a dense growth of trees is called a forest.

One of the important precious gifts is trees. We should preserve trees and plants with great care. Trees protect us from inclement wind also. It is also only possible for trees which are solid to the center of the tree; many very old trees become hollow as the dead heartwood decays away.

Trees acts as natural dustbins to the harmful gases in the environment. It is a large palm, growing to 30 m tall.

In the process of absorbing water, some contaminants will be degraded by the trees for their own use. The trees provide us flowers, fruits, fodder for animals, wood for fire and furniture and provide cool shadow from scorching sun.

Coconut palm

They provide them food as well as shelter. We should be always active and open our eyes regarding existence of green gold on the earth.

Save Trees Essay

Why to Save Trees Below I have mentioned some points proving why we should save trees: Trees can store pollutants for their own use, or they can change the pollutants into less harmful forms.

The main role of trees is giving fresh and oxygenated air to us and consumption of CO2 however they also give protection, shadow, food, source of money, home, medicines, etc to the people.

Save Trees Essay 5 words Introduction We are really bestowed by our mother earth many precious gifts nourishing our lives. By seeing the importance and value of trees in our life, we should honour and save trees in order to save life and environment.

They keep us healthy by lowering the dust levels and pollution levels especially in the urban areas. They help in reducing noise pollution and most effective as sound barriers because they act most effectively like stone walls in stopping sound.

They provide us timber wood for building our houses and making furniture. When fuels and other harmful chemicals contaminate soil and water, cleaning it up can be expensive and intensive.

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Birds make their nest on the trunk of plants. They protect us from severe weather. In such a technological world, where people are fighting and working for themselves only, only trees are living for benefiting others human beings and animals. Trees are a part and parcel of earthly life.

Save Trees Essay 6 words Introduction Trees are most valuable and important source of life on the earth. Trees give us fruits for food and flowers for pleasure.

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Tree resins are used in producing varnishes.Long and Short Essay on Save Trees in English Students are generally assigned this topic to discuss or write short or long essay in their exams or any quiz competition in their school.

We have provided variety of short and long essay on save trees under different words limit to help school students. Words Essay for Kids on trees The 'Chipko Andolans' and "Van Mahotsava' made us all aware of the importance of trees."One tree by one man" scheme by Vinobha Bhave also helped the cause.

Even science has proved that trees are as necessary to our atmosphere as our food for life. Related Articles: Words Essay for Kids on the. The coconut palm is a palm tree in the family Arecaceae (palm family).

It is a large palm, growing to 30 m tall.

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It has leaves that are 4–6 m long. The term coconut refers to the fruit of the coconut palm. The coconut tree is a monocot.

Tree is a data structure usually use in math concept can be seen as a graph. The data structure or graph are suited each other as the data structure does not only contain elements but. Tree plantation is the major key to the most of our environmental problems. Trees provide pollution-free atmosphere and Counter the unhealthy activities of human beings that bring harmful and damaging effects to the atmosphere.

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Tree essay in english
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