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Think before you act.

He repented for his not thinking before acting. Rash decisions many a times lead to dangerous and unwanted consequences. Elderly people often say that haste always makes waste. It is similar to jumping into a river without knowing its depth and flow.

They fail to even analyze their abilities and also fail to channelise their abilities in the proper and right direction. They fail to see the full picture as they are bunded by their hasty nature. So, whatever we do and whatsoever manner we have, we should think before we begin to act.

They unwittingly surge ahead on the slippery and slimy path of destruction. Seeing the ground covered with blood, he concluded that the dog had killed the baby and so he killed the Think before you leap essay. This maxim advocates everyone who intends to excel in his endeavour. It stresses that one must be aware of planning before he begins to act on how to undertake the work.

Here is your Short Paragraph on the look before You Leap

One should think things out rationally and logically to reach to a conclusion. Thus, it has been truly said that it is always better and desirable to look before one leaps or it is a prudent advise to foolish and impulsive people that fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

They devote a good amount as well as good quality of time and energy to take the right decision and even to mend mistakes or make things right. Overpowering emotions cloud their power of reasoning and they end up without any pre-consideration and pre-thinking.

It is always better to look before you leap or else there is a great danger of falling into a ditch. They try to get to the root of the problem in order to solve it.

It does not mean though that one should delay in making decisions or avoid taking a stand. Think before you act.

Foolish people rush in where wise people even fear to tread. They weigh all the pros and cons, the good and the bad, the positive and the negatives before arriving at a solid and workable decision. One day, Venkat and his wife went out for shopping, leaving their little son under the care of Tingu.

The Tamil Poet and Sage Thiruvalluvar states to think and analyze thoroughly and then act accordingly and it is unwise to repent after starting to act for wrong manipulation. Rather, one should think twice before taking a decision. It is hard to believe that a man with an unshakable will power and sound reasoning made such a rash decision.

Once there lived a rich man called Venkat. Moreover he can require knowledge to rectify the unforeseen problems. It seems that they invite danger and trouble with their hasty nature. Then only our future will be happy and peaceful.

The fishy, temporary charms, the transient things of this world which are like serpents under a rose, attract the unwise and the foolish.

It grew up into a brave faithful dog. Foolish people act on impulses without exercising their reason. On the contrary, those who are wise and intelligent, plan with careful consideration every detail and think many a times with reason, logic and brain before plunging into a task.

Because man is by nature an animal of instinct. One should not rush into things. Look before you leap. Rushing into things without prior thinking will lead to wastage of time, resource and energy.

To act without prior thinking will lead us into endless trouble. Even if a problem arises, they do not jump to conclusions hastily. Quick decisions are always welcome but not rash decisions.

He saw the baby unhurt and close to the dead wolf, the dog had killed. No action is correct which is done on the furious mood.Look before you leap. = Think before you act. This maxim advises that we should look deeply upon the matter and think over on how it is to be done before we begin to act and also it warns that if we do not do so, we will be put into troubles after having done it wrongly.

This maxim advocates everyone who intends to excel in his endeavour. Here is your Short Paragraph on the look before You Leap They do not think before doing a thing. They act rashly and then repent. We should do thorough calculation and also we should do thorough survey.

We should invest money in business only if we have experience in business. If we do not have knowledge we can take guidance from. Open Document. Below is an essay on "Think Before You Leap" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Think Before You Leap Think before you leap is an old proverb that means one should think carefully before acting. The same goes for look before you leap which literally means one should consider the consequences of their decisions they make in life. This essay is on an old Idiom “Look before you leap” which means acting without prior thinking will lead us into endless trouble.

An Idiomatic Essay on Look before you leap

It is always better to look before you leap or else there is a great danger of falling into a ditch. To act. Join Now Log in Home College Application Essays Undergraduate College Application Essays Harvard University Think Before You Leap Harvard University Think Before You Leap Anonymous Discuss some personal, local, national, or international issue and its importance to you.

Think before you leap essay
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