The issues of the decolonization and the propaganda on the sepoy mutiny

When soldiers were told to bite into the cartridge, they revolted, as pork is banned in the Islamic tradition and beef in the Hindu religion, and most soldiers were Muslim or Hindu. She now was ready to hold arms against the British. Conceptions of the Alternative Order in People started looking and examining the entire terminology and came to different conclusions.

A symposium, and it focussed on both the diversities and the specifities of the revolt. Thus, when the revolt broke out in Meerut cantonment, the North-Western part remained unaffected. It was concluded that the Company had interfered too much with the traditional social structures and hierarchies of India and now new Government of India sought to appease Indian Royalty.

From s, efforts were made to analyse the revolt from a Marxist position by pioneers like M. The legacy of the rebellion is varied.

A group of Zaminders were largely influenced by the motives of self-interest and their support in the revolt was nothing but to regain their lost position.

Nana Saheb was defeated at Kanpur, the Rani of Jhansi died on the battlefield, Maniram Dewan was arrested and hanged to death. Such results are occasioned by adequate causes and by the accumulation of adequate causes.

What Were the Results of the Sepoy Mutiny?

He refused to recognize as a war of Independence. Now the government could no longer ignore it. The first major work on the Revolt was published in on the occasion of th anniversary of the event by the renowned historian R. The most consistently cited reason for this was use of new cartridge in firearms that contained pig fat and beef tallow.

Several other historians also held the personal factors as responsible in the struggle against the British. The practical consideration is that the revolt was not absolutely fruitless. The East India Company ruled India for a period of over years but it was for the first time when someone revolted against this oppression in A rumour was spread that the cartridges were made of pig fat and cow fat which hurt the religious sentiments of both Muslims and Hindus respectively.For what the British sought to derived as a mere sepoy mutiny was India’s First War of Independence Journal-Issues Language-and-Literature News-Analysis.

Home Impact of the Sepoy Mutiny on Indian Polity and Society. others a mere mutiny and some say it was a revolt against existing More Previous Issues. Books. BRITISH REACTION TO THE SEPOY MUTINY, APPROVED: Major /Professor mor Frotessar of History Dean' ot the GraduaGraduat' e ScHooT*.

Mutiny or War of Independence?


Determining the True Nature of the Was it just a sepoy revolt against their higher ranks or a general. Get an answer for 'What caused the Sepoy Rebellion in India?

If the Indians had fully accepted British rule, the mutiny would not have happened. Sepoy Mutiny Questions including "What is Sepoy" and "Why didnt india unite against britain in the sepoy mutiny".

The issues of the decolonization and the propaganda on the sepoy mutiny
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