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To those responding here, a good majority also felt that these sorts of actions, even dressing up, did not reflect what was felt to be the average Trek fan.

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However, it could have made much stronger statements, but it chose not to for various reasons. There is a major prolbom wiht hte blos, it uses wikipdia as a source.

This data does support the history of Trek fandom, the current trends in fandom, and the Star treks influence that have buzzed about since the film came out about how it brought in not only new fans, but more female fans. Fans themselves were asked to describe and define these terms as they pertained to members of their own culture.

Uhura, whose name means "freedom" Compendium 28 was a Black-African princess from East Africa who was fluent in Swahili, not an American Black woman, and this added a certain mystique to her character.

In a departure from the tradition of sweeping classical themes symbolizing the various incarnations of Star Trek, the opening theme to Star Trek: It was also interesting to see how many Star treks influence this survey after having made such inquiries with me, and perhaps even more interesting to see how some of the responses evolved.

Spock as Sulu is left with commanding the Enterprise in battle against a formidable Klingon attack force. There are even entire shows such as this one devoted to the matter.

As far as I am aware the conflict between Trekie and trekker is one that has not had a cultural impact outside of star trek fandom.

Indeed, the episode could have served as a dramatic stage for television to make an argument about whether the U. TNG added numerous Japanese Anime refernces, being a big anime fan himself. Whitney not only loved the outfit the show gave her to wear, but also the roles the show had for her- she thought that "[w]hen we put legs into the format I think that helped sell the series" Interview The Romulans were not as repulsive as the Klingons were, but they were much smarter than their Klingon counterparts Gerrold Attitutes like this towards Spock were tolerated because Nimoy was a White and his character a Vulcan, not a Black or a Hispanic or an Asian.

The parenthetical phrase about the "most influential science fiction TV series" is a subset of "influential television shows". Works Cited Asherman, Allan. That was a simple business decision. Fan male after the episode was critical of the kiss, saying basically that if Captain Kirk had a beautiful woman in his arms, he would not be reluctant to kiss her Gerrold In the end, Spock risks his life to save This is a note to let the editors of this article know that File: He first appeared in the second pilot "Where No Man Has Gone Before" as "physicist" Sulu where the character had very few lines that were not indicative of the "adventure-loving, vital individual into which he would develop" Compendium Intro is later nacelle type.

Nichols during an interview with David Gerrold mentioned that in the script for one episode, Lt. On the other side of the spectrum, there were the Ku Klux Klan and other White hate groups. TNG was a massively successful show; when the show finished init had become the highest-rated drama in syndicated television, boasting 15 to 20 million viewers a week.

From Bjo Trimble and the original letter writing campaign to save the original series to Shirley Majewski known fondly as the godmother of fandomwomen have been a real driving force in Trek fandom. By the time the first episode of the series aired inthe Congress had passed numerous Civil Rights Acts, the Voting Rights Act onand constitutional amendments outlawing the poll tax and extending the right to vote in Presidential elections to the residents of the District of Columbia, where a majority of the population is Black.

The Experience formerly at the Las Vegas Hilton Star Trek conventions have been popular, but are waning[ citation needed ] and are now often meshed with conventions of other genres. They even called it the PADDsomewhat presciently.

In the music video, Eminem was dressed as Mr. One of the most interesting aspects of this survey was seeing how so many fans paused to give thought to their definitions or perceptions of Star Trek, fandom, and themselves. Myth explains the meaning which fans have assigned to both Star Trek and the archetype characters it has created.

Uhura serves as communications officer and as fourth in command of the Enterprise Gerrold The Next Generation, seemingly by accident, managed to create a model of what pop culture would be like a quarter of a century later — and no one really noticed.Talk:Cultural influence of Star Trek Star Treks 'legacy' should be conextualied to explaiiinportance, but not to overemphersise its inportance outsiode then US.[ I have just modified 2 external links on Cultural influence of.

Star Trek: A Phenomenon and Social Statement on the s. by, Star Trek made its debut that night, "It became clear that the Federation controlled a definite sphere of influence and a vital interest [that was being] continually challenged and threatened" (). Moreover, Wortland believes that the Federation is not another United. welcomes the newest addition to our blogging family, Daryl G. Frazetti, Professor of Anthropology and Sociology at CSU Channel Islands. Here, in the first piece, Professor Frazetti examines the topic of Star Trek and the Culture of Fandom.

Jun 24,  · Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. It’s been nearly half-century since Star Trek (aka Star Trek: The Original Series) debuted in Since that time. Two films, Galaxy Quest () and Free Enterprise (), and a television series, The Orville, have been inspired by the cultural influence of Star Trek Contents 1.

New William Shatner Doc Explores Star Trek’s Influence On Science And The World ways the various STAR TREKs have generated to create an indistinguishable double, why does JJ focus on a.

Star treks influence
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