Sample raft writing assignments

Display a RAFT writing prompt to your class and model on an overhead or Elmo how you would write in response to the prompt. Create the strategy Explain to your students the various perspectives mentioned above writers must consider when completing any writing assignment.

In the real world, no one writes like this, and thus, school writing assignments can feel very contrived. Character Credo Poem Nevada high school teacher, Tracey Albee, attended our Persuasive Writing Class and proposed this poetry lesson, which she uses to help her students discover the voice of characters in novels they are studying.

Your job here is to create a R. Start clicking the buttons below until you have an idea for a R. What are you writing about? RAFT writing is applicable in every content area thereby providing a universal writing approach for content area teachers.

Her assignment is inspired by the picture book Miss Alaineus: Give students another writing prompt for which you have already chosen the role, audience, format, and topic and have students react to the prompt either individually or in small groups.

English Journal, 85, Choose a few students to read their RAFT aloud. Decide on an area of study currently taking place in your classroom for which you could collaborate with the sample raft writing assignments and write a class RAFT.

Click here to open the on-line assignment that Carol proposed and published during an in-service class for teachers sponsored by the Northern Nevada Writing Project. It provides an interactive template for students to type in possible Roles, Audiences, Formats, and Topics. As students become comfortable in reacting to RAFT prompts, give students a list of options for each component and let them choose their role, audience, format, and topic.

Have a class think-aloud to come up with ideas for the piece of writing that you will create as a group.

Benefits Students must think creatively and critically in order to respond to prompts, making RAFT a unique way for students to apply critical thinking skills about new information they are learning.

Homepageyou can access the worksheets we use when we help teachers design these thoughtful, content-based writing prompts.

Writing Across the Curriculum: This is a simple but powerful technique that will inspire more thoughtful writing from yourself or your students. Have students react to another writing prompt individually, or in small groups. See many more related how-to videos with lesson plans in the Writing Processes and Strategies section.

Its sole purpose is to make writing feel more authentic in two ways: We also feature a What do you want to write about?

For instance, if students are reading To Kill a Mockingbird, you may have students respond to the issues in the story as various characters to different audiences in multiple formats. It works best if all students follow the same process so the students can learn from the varied responses of their classmates.

Creating independence through student-owned strategies: As students become comfortable in responding to RAFT prompts, you can create more than one prompt for students to respond to after a reading, lesson, or unit. The five buttons below, once pressed, will help you begin to imagine a R.

Using the RAFT Writing Strategy

Differentiated instruction For second language learners, students of varying reading skill, students with learning disabilities, and younger learners Modify the strategy, so the student learns topic, role, format and audience separately and distinctly.

Prompts for Science Class building a writing prompt that challenges students to think deeply about science Classroom writing assignments can feel very unauthentic to our students.

Be sure the student can explain to you what is meant by role, audience, format and topic. Allow student input and creativity as you craft your piece of writing. Enter the RAFT writing assignment. Her assignment is inspired by the picture book Dear Mrs.

You choose the topic. Her assignment is inspired by the picture book Tough Boris by Mem Fox.

All About Adolescent Literacy

And our students are much more aware of this than we give them credit for. Unusual Friendly Letters Northern Nevada teacher Jennifer Mitchell shared with us this RAFT writing assignment she created for her elementary students as an review to writing friendly letters.

Students may decide on their own topic or the teacher may provide that element in advance.iRubric L Rubric title RAFT Writing. Built by madenney using Free rubric builder and assessment tools.

that students will be writing this piece to their parents. sure new prompts are used for future assignments. Across the Curriculum Use the Choose a R.A.F.T. Writing Prompt Kitto reinforce writing in all of the subject areas. Copy the Blank Prompt Cards. Raft Writing Interactive This site uses technology to assist with RAFT writing assignments.

It provides an interactive template for students to type in possible Roles, Audiences, Formats, and Topics. Using the RAFT Writing Strategy. RAFT assignments encourage students to uncover their own voices and formats for presenting their ideas about content information they are studying.

Students learn to respond to writing prompts that require them to think about various perspectives. RAFT Papers: Strategy for Reading Comprehension (includes sample student writing) RAFT Assignments Powerpoint (has lots of ideas) RAFT Assignments(Reading Rockets) RAFT Writing Template (Read Write

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Almost all RAFTs writing assignments are written from a viewpoint different from the student's, to another demonstrate, model, and "think aloud" another sample RAFTs exercise with the aid of the class.

Brainstorm additional topic ideas, and write down the suggestions listing roles, audiences, formats, and Examples of RAFT Assignments.

Sample raft writing assignments
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