Reed college spring fall thesis parade

The longest pull was inlasting 3 hours and 51 minutes, ending in a draw. Crowds for this annual show have gotten so large that it became a ticketed event inlimiting the crowd size to 14, Northwestern also holds a battle of the bands contest prior to Dillo Day, with the winning band getting to perform at the Dillo Day festival.

Participating in Primal Scream, along with having sex in the stacks and peeing on the John Harvard statue, are known as the three things every Harvard student must do before graduating. The Naked Bike Ride at University of Vermont A college tradition started inhundreds of students celebrate the end of classes by participating in a clothing-optional bike ride or run through campus.

Even in the early s, this Halloween tradition was attracting crowds of nearlyDooley makes an appearance on campus and excuses students from class with an entourage following him around students dressed like Secret Service agents for protection. Dancefest is another celebrated spring event at Colgate, featuring a series of performances by talented dance groups and individuals on campus.

Ace Miller Memorial Boxing Tournament at Tennessee A big boxing weekend at University of Tennessee, the event is a fraternity boxing tournament where about 50 fraternity brothers compete in 11 different weight classes.

The tradition begins on Friday with the Thesis Parade: Ina record crowd of 15, attended the Deltopia event, nearly doubling in size from the year before. This beach, known as Beer Can Beach, is where the party ensues, with lots of drinking, music, and the typical girl going wild.

Though the actual race is held on Saturday, the whole week is full of parties and other events in anticipation of the Purdue tradition. About students, who earn their degrees mid-year, ski down the mountain in cap and gown.

Spring Dance Concert

Juniors sport red shirts and strut along Locust Walk with canes and bite into Styrofoam hats as they proceed to College Hall to greet the President of the University.

The one rule for this tradition is that players must have a beer in their hands at all times. This tradition now sees about 25, people annually and features live band performances. Deltopia at UC Santa Barbara Students at UCSB used to hold an epic tradition known as Floatopia where thousands of students would take to the beaches and waters of the Pacific Ocean with floatation devices and plenty of alcohol.

Civilian Snowball Fight is one of the oldest and most cherished traditions at Virginia Tech. They close off the main street so thousands of people in costumes can party.

Green key is a big party weekend in the spring that gives students a chance to enjoy the nicer weather with outdoor concerts, parties and events. Middlebury Winter Carnival InMiddlebury hosted its 90th annual winter carnival, making it one of the oldest student-run winter carnivals in the country.

The school also holds a tandem bicycle race as a part of Spring Week. Krispy Kreme Challenge at NC State The Krispy Kreme Challenge is an annual foot race in which participants run a several mile road course to Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, eat one dozen doughnuts, and run back to the finish line in under one hour.

Knox College Flunk Day A campus-wide surprise party, Flunk Day is a tradition that students eagerly anticipate, often guessing or making predictions of when it will be.

Oberlin Drag Ball An event that first appeared in the late s, Drag Ball transforms the Student Union into a nightclub complete with three dance floors playing different styles of music along with a main stage featuring a runway competition.

Every student organization paints a square of concrete in accordance to a yearly theme along a street that runs through campus. Carleton College Rotblatt Carleton College has an annual marathon softball game that is played the same number of innings that the college has been in existence.

The Psi Upsilon fraternity was forced by the administration to ban its annual Keg Jump event, marking the end of a year tradition in which students attempted to jump over a line of kegs on ice skates.

The race is held annually the Friday before homecoming. Combined scores for each individual rider and their respective teams determine individual and team champions.Reed’s admission marketing was revamped, too, highlighting the college’s intellectual intensity while toning down the alt-psychedelic vibe prevalent in publications aimed at prospies, such as the viewbook.

The Reed College electronic theses archive (or digital thesis tower) is the online collection of senior and MALS theses and is accessible through Reed Digital Collections.

How to submit your thesis Save the final version of your thesis as a PDF. The Thesis Parade--which happens once in the fall and once on the spring--is followed by a bonfire where the graduating seniors burn their thesis notes, play music, and all of campus celebrates.

The Greatest College Traditions.

The 100 Greatest College Traditions

Renn Fayre is a campus-wide weekend celebration that marks the end of the academic year at Reed College. The tradition begins on Friday with the Thesis Parade: all graduating seniors burn their thesis notes in a huge bonfire and then parade around campus.

The festival includes fireworks, music, food. Dec 04,  · This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue.

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Watch Queue Queue. Deadline to drop semester classes-withdrawal from a spring class recorded after this date.

Reed college spring fall thesis parade
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