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Overall, all future rulers of England had to accept these rights. In this case, the desire will be vertical and Joline Marsha Brown will write her name three times, right underneath each other to form a cross.

Petition of Rights

Cross and cover it with your name Petition essay Petition essay least three times. In this example, Joline Marsha Petition essay is doing a spell to find a new job. Within the United States, one is able to vote for one of two presidential candidates of their choice as well as vote in a variety of things that they are allowed to be part of making a decision in.

Once you have Petition essay paper written out, you can then fix and dress it with appropriate oils Petition essay your work, sprinkle powders or herbs in it, curios, and place any small amount of personal items strand of hair, nail clip, bodily fluid on top of the paper and fold towards you for bringing in blessings, or away from you if you are removing something.

Once you have your spell worked out, you will know what is the appropriate way to write out your paper and how to use it. Turn the paper and write out your full name across the petition the same number of times directly Petition essay top of the petition words.

Once you start using papers in your work, you will catch on quick and find new ways to construct them. You can have a whole separate bible used for just this purpose, to write your prayers or petitions on the page with a related purpose to your goal.

Just like creating oils, powders, and mojo hands, use an odd number of lines in your writings such as 3, 5, 7, 9, This is called "crossing and covering". Turn and cross with your name or who is taking the upper hand Step Three: I always just tear it along the sides regardless of intent.

This is accomplished by tearing it smoothly on all four sides. Now the paper is put in the place it was designed for honey jar, mojo hand, beef tongue, bottle spell, box spell, doll or poppet, vigil candle, etc.

Some say do not cut the paper sides unless you are doing a cleansing, cut and clear, or other removing work. So "Moses Henry Miller" will be vertical and "Joline Marsha Brown" will be written horizontally over it to form a cross shape.

Do not use your own blood! So, it was when the colonists complained they were paying taxes without representation; it was also controlled by a standing army in time of peace. To each their own, though.

They can be as simple as a prayer written on parchments, brown paper sack, bible pages, candle wax, photo, amulets, stones, or just about anything that you can come up with. For example, If I were doing a money-drawing spell then I would use money-drawing oil.

Sometimes I will use black ink pens for protection spells and reversing spells. Some papers are burned by fire of the candle to send the prayer into the universal cosmos and heaven. Write across the names the name of the person at least three times as well.

It looks like this. The first shown here is a simple prayer paper that is written as a prayer to God or a spirit that is the wish of the petitioner. Circle your petition and write any symbols OK. The type of paper you will use depends on what your petition is for.

I have constructed a few different types of papers to give you an idea of what we are discussing as examples that I personally will use for many types of situations.

You can use colored ink to represent your work, although this is not important, this just seems to be something that many new workers experiment with.

From that moment on, people would insist on the rights that were given to them by this said important document passed by England.

There are many ways to write out petitions papers, so get creative like I always encourage. Ok, Let me stop here and add something to this. For example, since a limited government is when humans are believed to have certain rights that said government cannot take away, it is one of the main reasons as to why the Magna Carta was made to be passed in the first place.

They are expressions in words, symbols, and drawings of the main idea of the work which can be to bring in blessings of love, luck, money, protection, healing, or harm to another.

These are stated words either by mouth, thought, or writing. Petition Papers For the purpose of this explanation the example of a Petition Paper for a spell to get a new job will be used.

Turn paper and fold again in the direction you are working with, then turn a third time and fold, always fold in the appropriate direction for the work.

Sample Essay on Petition Paper

All of which are sold as commercial inks that do not contain any real blood from animals. When you write out a prayer or petition paper you will use this in your candle burning, place in mojo hands, burn to ash for a powder, sometimes consume the paper, anoint it with oils, powders, or bodily fluids, etc.

I use brown grocery bags and I also use white computer paper that I have torn in this same fashion as well.Apr 08,  · Name Papers and Petition Papers are small pieces of paper with peoples' names, symbols, sigils, or phrases of intent written on them for use in the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork. Name Papers and Petition Papers are primarily used by placing under candles.

Petition to the President Essay  Petition to the President How much different would the world be if the United States would have used atomic bombs against Japan in World War II?

The world will never know thanks to physicist and inventor Leó Szilárd. Petition/Name Papers. Prayers and Petitions are the spoken words of the intent and purpose of the worker and magician. These are stated words either by mouth, thought, or.

Petition Paper. The largest global consumer of electricity is the United States. It is reported that the country consumes an estimated billion kilowatts of electricity annually against a net production of about billion kilowatts (US. The Petition of Rights aided with shaping the ideas of present-day ordered government, a regulation where local governments or municipalities are still created to help maintain order.

This petition has helped ordered governments decide whether or not creating police forces, insurance agencies, tax collector offices, and a variety of other. of papers & petitions A petition is a request or wish written on a piece of paper. In the Hoodoo tradition, one is typically advised to write one's petition on brown paper torn, usually from a grocery type sack, on all four sides by hand.

Petition essay
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