Michael jordan vs lebron james

He wound up averaging 4. The league was different in that era, stronger, with fewer first-round gimmes than the elite teams face now.

Do you remember an actual passing of the torch? The Cavs team that won in had Irving and Kevin Love. Nobody approached Wayne Gretzky.

But in his prime, he was 6-foot-6 and pounds. Then, Bell blacked out. It took time for Michael jordan vs lebron james to find his groove again. By the end, though, No. Logic, if not memory, insists it was probably Wilt Chamberlain, who put up some of the most ridiculous numbers the sport has ever calculated.

He has played most of his career in the pound range. But it was probably Chamberlain. And even things that seemed Jordanesque in their nature — Jim Brown as the permanent all-time greatest running back — seem built on shifting sand.

Essentially they play different sports. It is irresistible, is what it is. Nobody expected LeBron James to come along only a couple of years after Jordan hung up his Nikes forever and to spoil that simple equation.

Kerr realized early on he needed to create ways to get Bell minutes. Lawrence Taylor or Tom Brady?

Scottie Pippen on LeBron James, Michael Jordan: “It’s not a fair comparison”

But how much should they be counted? When I adjust for league quality, James is no longer merely on the verge of catching Jordan as the greatest player in cumulative value.

The cramp briefly released, then quickly returned. Does it refer to the player who reached the greatest heights, or the one who had the best career? The alternative hypothetical is this: Kevin Pelton Now, James comes out ahead at every age, thanks in part to starting younger but also because he reached peak performance sooner.

Barring injury or an improbable decision to walk away from the game as MJ did, James will soon pass Jordan in career points.

LeBron or MJ? How the King is settling the GOAT debate

What about Babe Ruth, who was surely like Gretzky and Jordan at one time in history, but who in his career never a played a night game; b never played a game west of St. Individually, Jordan was the better scorer, the better shooter. Even if Curry and Durant could only watch in awe and delight, their mouths agape.

He often forgot to eat, just wanting to get home and into bed. So, yes, Michael versus LeBron is unique in that it is, in essence, a two-man game. I estimate the pool of talent from which the NBA draws players has grown by 28 percent sincewhile the league has added just one team.

After being inactive for six games early, he had emerged as a starter for 11 games before the injury as Kerr went with a more up-tempo lineup.

The best player by consensus in the game is Mike Trout. Though the old one will find a special place in his trophy case. And that leads us to the one place where — at least to these eyes — James winds up with the ultimate nod. Their eras are close enough where we can reasonably assume that Jordan would have been superb in and LeBron would have been splendid in He became the GOAT in the first place for a good reason.

He was out with a sprained left ankle for 14 games from Jan.Aug 04,  · Michael Jordan (l.) and LeBron James (AP) Earlier this week, James opened a public elementary school in his hometown of Akron, Ohio to give underprivileged kids a chance at a better education.

Michael Jordan also played 15 (albeit not full) seasons in the league like James, so this is probably the best time to gauge who is the greatest of all time. Watch video · Olbermann weighs in on the Jordan-LeBron debate () Keith Olbermann weighs in on the most debated topic in sports: whether Michael Jordan or LeBron James is the greatest NBA player of all time.

The Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James debate rages on. It's old and tired, but maybe take a different approach before it spins out of control. LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan Comparison Head-to-head comparison between the NBA stars Michael Jordan and LeBron James that includes championships won, honors and awards obtained, regular season and playoffs stats and other data put side by side.

Watch video · Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James remains one of the most popular topics in sports.

How MJ, LeBron match up after King James' 1,072nd career game

So who is the greatest basketball player of all-time? We asked Dr. Scott Harris, the director of debate for the.

Michael jordan vs lebron james
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