Ikea in brazil

Emerging China also has lush numbers: Ikea has been established in the country for more than one year with an office of 20 workers in Curitibabut its entrance in the Brazilian market has been a target of speculation since Ikea executives began to bet more chips in emerging countries after the successful experience in Russia and Ikea in brazil.

IKEA Expansion to Brazil

Over time, the relationship with suppliers became stronger and started to be purchased items manufactured in Brazil. Worldwide, the store is known for offering items that attempt to combine design, simplicity and low price.

As of now, India and Brazil appear as the next two major challenges of the company. In Brazil, however, the furniture sector generally delivery items assembled in the House. Business Developer for Brazil Ikea started a selection process for choosing a business developer for Brazil in the commercial area, that must work at the office located in Curitiba.

The information is from the newspaper O Estado de s. Of the five largest Ikea stores in the world one is located in Russia and three are in China. During this period, was also inaugurated a branch in Puerto Rico.

Seven suppliers already have signed contract with the company. The Latin America has been studied by the group for at least three years, when it opened the first store in the region, in the Dominican Republic.

Wednesday, September 18, Swedish Ikea studies open shops in Brazil The largest company in the mobile sector in the world, the Swedish Ikea, informed, for the first time, which considers opening stores in Brazil. The plans for the India are more advanced. The sale of the disassembled furniture is a trademark of Ikea.

Which means that, basically, everything that is sold by Ikea - from table lamps to wardrobes - must be assembled by the consumer itself. For almost five years, began operating a small commercial representation in Curitiba. The brand will also have to differentiate itself to win the Brazilian consumer.

Swedish Ikea studies open shops in Brazil

To this end, the company offers few perks and virtually everything that is sold-luminaire the sofa must be mounted by the customer himself.

One of the challenges of Ikea in Brazil will be the consumer receptivity to the idea of setting up their own furniture. The company emphasizes, however, that the entry in retail? The partners provide basically furniture produced with pine, but Ikea says that? Thus, the representation was elevated to the status of Office.

Beijing has the most visited Ikea store in the world.So, IKEA should consider Brazil to be a partner because Brazil has abundance of wood supply with low cost for producing and distributing reliably. Another reason is the import tax for furniture in Brazil is low around per cent, encouraging IKEA to integrate operations into Brazil.

Why Brazil still is a no-go for IKEA

The largest company in the mobile sector in the world, the Swedish Ikea, informed, for the first time, which considers opening stores in Brazil. Present in 4. IKEA is a multinational group of companies that designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture (such as beds, chairs and desks), appliances and home accessories.

The following list of countries with IKEA stores is arranged by date of first store in each country.

List of countries with IKEA stores

Brazil: TBA São Paulo: IKEA has shown interest in the past in expanding. IKEA for Brazil represent a window to the outside, as the Brazilian consumer is very attracted to foreign products, especially if we talk about Europe. Since the Brazilian consumer IKEA offers a wide range of practical and high quality products at low prices.

It is the first IKEA store in Latin America. The second store is located in Santiago De Los Caballeros. There is one also one in La Romana and one in. Since in Brazil, the national furniture stores, like Etna and Tok & Stok, usually delivery items already assembled to the consumer’s home, the new Ikea’s concept will have to be accepted by the Brazilian consumer.

Ikea in brazil
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