How job analysis can help southwest airlines organization meet its strategic objectives

This is an issue that results from corporate culture of Southwest on employee appreciation, loyalty and fun. This will see an increase in the general profits for the airline and separates southwest from other companies within the industry.

Further, the company aims to be a carrier with one of the most productive and committed workforces that guarantee its customers of the best flight. Therefore the interests, goals and needs of the stakeholders are considered within the goals of the airline company. Corporate value Southwest airline has its own corporate culture that clearly shows the positive features of the company.

For example when a customer has redeemed points he or she can receive a voucher for free luggage check for two luggages. Instead they have to examine the key aspects which determine the failure or success of a given strategy.

Southwest Airlines Strategic Analysis Executive summary: The top management and executive do nurture and support collaboration culture. Southwest through the mission statement has tried much in personalizing the kind of services offered to the customers.

The main success of the company is mainly based on its ability to use its corporate culture in value development. Southwest Airlines Company has witness its success within a highly competitive airline industry. Conclusion The vision statement, mission statement, organizational value and culture and goals and objects act as the guidelines to all the activities that southwest airline get involves in.

The airline faces stiff competition in the United States. One of the strength that is visible in Southwest is the superior customer services provided to customers. The mission clearly shows how the company is dedicated on offering highest quality customer service based on individual pride, company spirit, friendliness, and warmth.

One way is for Southwest to expand its growing business on airfreight so as to establish a much more balanced strategy for profits generation.

This culture helps in development of Team Corporation and good communication among all employees. The airline company clearly shows its goal to be a leading and profitable firm in the airline industry through the provision of high quality service to its customers.

The points reward program will present an opportunity for Southwest to establish partnerships beyond the airline industry and to reach to other new unexplored markets. This calls for the need of the company to consider other means of income so as to prevent a repeat of the same, where it still relied on customer revenue when the times were hard.

Recommendation on changes Southwest is faced with the problem of low productivity among employees. The airline conducts team building functions that involve each employees starting from the CEO to other participants at all ranks to equally participants in these activities.Explain how job analysis can help each organization meet its strategic objectives.

The purpose of a job analysis is to provide support for the accomplishment of the organization's strategic business objectives. “The purpose of conducting job analysis is to SOUTHWEST AIRLINES 8 prepare job description and job specification that helps.

Start studying Chapter 1, managing human resources. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Based on job analysis and design, an organization can determine the kinds of employees it needs.

adjusted to help it meet its goals for developing and using employees' talents. 4. Strategy architect. Southwest Airlines Strategic Analysis.

Southwest has managed to do a good job in recovering its business from the time of recession and in putting a balance of its weaknesses and strength. The company can consider developing new strategies that will help build on customer loyalty and avoid the over reliance on customer revenue.

The. How Job Analysis Can Help Southwest Airlines Organization Meet Its Strategic Objectives. Southwest Airline Strategy Implementation Executive Summary An analysis of Southwest Airlines strategic controls has been conducted in order to determine if these controls match, and or enhance, the companies design and strategy.


Fottler, PhD After completing this chapter, you should be able to facilitate or constrain efforts to attain strategic objectives. Healthcare executives do not want to hire the wrong person, experience high turn - Pfeffer frequently cites is Southwest Airlines, which sees job.

Strategic Analysis Of Southwest Airlines Case Study Management Essay. Print Reference this.

Disclaimer: Just as wearing one’s favourite clothes can help let someone relax, Southwest Airlines also has many ways to let their employees relax as well. There are gadgets, games, and other creative outlets readily available on planes and in the.

How job analysis can help southwest airlines organization meet its strategic objectives
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