Ching vs ca evidence case

In Ayala Investment and Development Corp. Exhibit "A," for plaintiff During trial, petitioner Pua clarified that the PhP 8, check was given by respondents to pay the loans they obtained from her under a compounded interest agreement on various dates in The cross-examination of said witness was postponed several times due to one reason or another at the instance of either party.

In the case at bar, the senseless and protracted refusal of one of the parties to fulfill the above marital obligation is equivalent to psychological incapacity Ipinaskil ni.

Such actuation of defendant may indeed have been prompted by nothing more than the promotion of its self-interest in holding on to Senator Lopez and party as passengers in its flight and foreclosing on their chances to seek the services of other airlines that may have been able to afford them first class accommodations.

As elucidated in Samo vs. Article of the Civil Code, which refers to monetary interest, specifically mandates that no interest shall be due unless it has been expressly stipulated in writing.

Pan Am answered admitting its breach of the contract of carriage but however denied the allegation of bad faith. The prosecution then filed an opposition to the petition for suspension, against which opposition, herein petitioner Ching vs ca evidence case a reply. Nonetheless, we must stress that the actuations of petitioner, as sanctioned by the RTC-Manila, Branch Ching vs ca evidence case through its order admitting the amended complaint, demands stern rebuke from this Court.

Moreover, the Supreme Court is clothed with ample authority to review matters, even those not raised on appeal if it finds that their consideration is necessary in arriving at a just disposition of the case.

It may be true that during the pre-trial hearing held on February 3,the parties concerned agreed to execute a stipulation of facts but it does not mean that the respective counsels of the contending parties can prepare a stipulation of facts the contents of which is prejudicial to the interest of their clients and sign it themselves without the intervention of their clients.

Furthermore, according to the private respondent, the right of the petitioner-wife to a share in the conjugal partnership property is merely inchoate before the dissolution of the partnership; as such, she had no right to file the said motion to quash the levy on attachment of the shares of stocks.

The legislative intent to meet a pressing need is clearly expressed. Copyright, in the strict sense of the term, is purely a statutory right. Its admission of the existence of these documents was sufficient to establish its obligation. Ching was not a party in the trial court; hence, she had no right of action to have the levy annulled with a motion for that purpose.

For this reason, petitioner Benguet made a claim of the loss to Seawood Shipping and Switzerland Insurance.

Ong Ching Po vs. CA

Note that respondent Caroline had not denied the genuineness of these checks. The government also contends that the permit denial means that there was no eligibility in the first instance and, therefore, no due process right attached to the procedure.

A corner space in the building housing the Center was leased to a refreshment concessionaire, at P6. Because of its inherent differences from the judicial process, administrative proceedings in particular must be carefully assessed to determine what process is due given the specific circumstances involved.

No useful purpose will be served if a case or the determination of an issue in a case is remanded to the trial court only to have its decision raised again to the Court of Appeals and from there to the Supreme Court citing Board of Commissioners vs. Being a statutory grant, the rights are only such as the statute confers, and may be obtained and enjoyed only with respect to the subjects and by the persons, and on terms and conditions specified in the statute.

She attached therewith a copy of her marriage contract with Alfredo Ching. If not offered in evidence, the admission contained therein will not be considered. She then proceeded to describe in vivid detail how the two would sleep in on weekends, have sex, and share intimate conversations.

The latter is regarded as abandoned and ceases to perform any further function as a pleading. These copper concentrates were to be loaded on the ship Sangkulirang No. On the second issue, we find and so hold that the CA erred in setting aside Ching vs ca evidence case reversing the orders of the RTC.

These return slips show that the checks issued by respondent Caroline were dishonored by the drawee banks because they were "drawn against insufficient funds. The due execution of the document may be established by the person or persons who executed it; by the person before whom its execution was acknowledged; or by any person who was present and saw it executed or who after its execution, saw it and recognized the signatures; or by a person to whom the parties to the instrument had previously confessed the execution thereof.

As to the contention of petitioners that all the tax receipts, tax declaration, rental receipts, deed of sale Exh. The original complaint no longer forms part of the record. Aggrieved, respondents went to the CA arguing that the court a quo erred in finding that they obtained and are liable for a loan from petitioner.

The court therefore did not err in denying the probate of the will. Abella and Talastas entered into an oral contract of partnership for the operation of a dance-hall or cabaret, known as the Sambat Recreation Center — hereinafter known as the Center — in Samal, Bataan.

According to private respondent, she entrusted the administration of the lot and building to the brother of her husband, petitioner Ong Ching Po when the spouses settled in Iloilo. Moreover, to be specific, within the purview of the Rules of Court, a denial must not only"specify each material allegation of fact the truth of which" is not admitted.

Golfo who effected the levy thereon on July 26,or by whoever may be presently in possession thereof. In fine, we reiterate that the civil action for declaration of nullity of documents and for damages does not constitute a prejudicial question to the criminal cases for estafa filed against petitioner Ching.Chi Ming Tsoi vs CA G.R.

No. January 16, Chi Ming Tsoi submitted himself to another physical examination and the result was there is not evidence of impotency and he is capable of erection. Sergio Alteza examined the penis of Mr.

Ching that he asked the defendant to masturbate to find out whether or not he has an. ching vs CA - Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

title registered in the name of Ching Leng in favor of Pedro Asedillo in Civil Case No. on December 16,consequently after presentation of evidence petitioner Alfredo Ching was appointed administrator of Ching Leng's.

Jul 09,  · Ong Ching Po vs. CA G.R. Nos. December 20, FACTS: This is a petition for review on certiorari under Rule 45 of the Revised Rules of Court of the Decision of the CA, which dismissed the petition for certiorari in the 2 civil cases.

On JulyJoi Jong sold a parcel of. In this case, it is not possible to determine that Fong's statement is true and that Ching's is false solely by reading them. In addition, Ching presented substantial and—at this stage—uncontested documentary evidence to corroborate her.


[G.R. No. February 23, ] ALFREDO CHING and ENCARNACION CHING The CA sustained the contention of the private respondent and set aside the assailed orders. In this case, the evidence adduced by the petitioners in the RTC is that theshares of stocks in the Citycorp Investment Philippines were issued to and.

ALFREDO CHING, petitioner, vs. HON. COURT OF APPEALS, HON. ZOSIMO Z. ANGELES the guilt of the accused could still be established and his culpability under penal laws determined by other evidence.

petitioners contention is a stealthy attempt to circumvent the principle enunciated in the case of Allied Banking Corporation vs.

Ching vs ca evidence case
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