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In the rest of the world, the corporate law position is sometimes very different. In the United States, the avenue for corporations making the legal amendment to certify will depend on the state they are incorporated in. The creation of public benefit is in the best interests of the benefit corporation.

B Lab certification has no legal status. To maintain credibility, the B Corporation certification standard operates under principles that are independent, comprehensive, comparable, dynamic, and transparent.

Benefit corporation

Craig Newmark, et al. Companies are required to provide supporting documentation before they are certified. In the UK, for example, the Community Interest Company ensures profit and purpose can both be prioritised. Companies that earn a minimum score of 80 out of points undergo an assessment review process, essentially a conference call verifying the claims made in their assessment.

The idea that a corporation has as its purpose to maximize financial gain for its shareholders was first articulated in Dodge v.

International adoption[ edit ] As of Aprilthere are over certified B Corporations across industries in 50 countries, including Canada 78 companiesAustraliaSouth Africaand Afghanistan. Without clear case law, directors may still fear civil claims if they stray from their fiduciary duties to the owners of the business to maximize profit.

This made Italy the first country in the world to make this legal status available across its entire territory. In addition, the laws provide companies the ability to consider factors other than the highest purchase offer at the time of sale, in spite of the ruling on Revlon, Inc.

Of course, if a company does change ownership and the result is no longer in adherence to its initially described benefit goals, the sale could be challenged in court. B Lab also assists Sistema B in incorporating a benefit corporation distinction into local legal systems.

Purpose Shall create general public benefit.

Thus a corporation may be unable to maintain its focus on social and environmental factors in a change B corporation control situation because of the pressure to maximize shareholder value. The establishment of clear wording to "consider stakeholder interests" in company articles of incorporation or company by-laws.

Chartering as a benefit corporation also allows companies to distinguish themselves as businesses with a social conscience, and as one that aspires to a standard they consider higher than profit-maximization for shareholders.

Mission-driven businesses, impact investors, and social entrepreneurs are constrained by this legal framework, which is not equipped to accommodate for-profit entities whose mission is central to their existence.

By contrast, benefit corporations expand the fiduciary duty of directors to require them to consider non-financial stakeholders as well as the financial interests of shareholders.

Shall have right to name specific public benefit purposes e. For instance, companies with more employees will have a heavier weighting in the workers category, and companies in manufacturing will have a heavier weighting in the environment category. Benefit corporation Benefit corporation is a legal status conferred by state law in the US; B Lab certification is issued by a private organisation and has no legislative framework.

Ford Motor Company in This point was recently reaffirmed by the case eBay Domestic Holdings, Inc.

B Corporation (certification)

There is a day public consultation period before releasing a new version of the B Corporation assessment.May 30,  · A benefit corporation is the term used when a company is created under corporate law and should not be confused with a "B Corp," which refers to a company that is certified by B Lab to meet.

A benefit corporation still must choose either C or S status like a traditional corporation, and are not taxed differently than other types of corporations. Misconception: Benefit corporations and Certified B Corps are the same thing.

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What is a Benefit Corporation?

Since the financialization of the economy in the late s, corporate governance practices have tightly linked the purpose of business with. People want to work for, buy from, and invest in businesses they believe in. B Corp Certification is the most powerful way to build credibility, trust, and value for your business.

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B corporation
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