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All contract and rider guarantees, including optional benefits and any fixed subaccount crediting rates or annuity payout rates, are backed by the claims-paying ability of AXA Equitable.

Exclusions applicable to Section 24 We will not pay for more than one incident of change of traveller for any one Trip.

Service Tax — Item 9 Pengumuman: Risks involved with futures contracts include imperfect correlation between the change in the market value of the stocks held by the portfolio and the prices of futures contracts and options, and the possible lack of a liquid secondary market for futures or options contracts, and the resulting inability to close a futures contract prior to its maturity date.

Exclusions applicable to Sections 11 and 12 We will not pay for claims arising directly or indirectly from, in respect of, or due to: Service Tax — No. The Insured can only claim under either under Section 7 or 25 for any one Trip.

In the event of Loss or Damage to any property insured forming part of a pair or set, Our liability shall not exceed a proportionate part of the value on the pair or set. Loss or Damage not due to an Accident involving the rented car.

The Insured can only claim under either Section Kewajipan membayar Cukai Perkhidmatan hendaklah tertakluk kepada Terma dan Syarat di dalam polisi Insurans anda. Non-diversified investing may be focused in a smaller number of issues or one sector of the market that may make the value of the investment more susceptible to certain risks than diversified investing.

Smaller company stocks involve a greater risk than is customarily associated with more established companies. Please see the prospectus for further details. Exclusions applicable to Section 17 We will not pay for claims arising directly or indirectly from, in respect of, or due to: Visit our website at www.

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Fasal Cukai Perkhidmatan Notis Penting: Neither the Select Sector Trust nor SSgA FM has any obligation or liability in connection with the operation, marketing, trading or sale of the variable annuity. Apart from the risks associated with general commodity investing, there are risks to investing in the common stocks of commodity producing companies.

AXA Affin Insurance Malaysia berhak memungut sejumlah amaun bayaran Cukai Perkhidmatan yang dikenakan ke atas premium yang ditetapkan semasa tempoh polisi, atau sekiranya tempoh polisi bermula sebelum dan berakhir selepas 1 Septembermemungut daripada pemegang polisi amaun Cukai Perkhidmatan secara pro-rata yang dikenakan ke atas premium yang dikira bermula 1 September Home Insurance Proposal Form.

Elite – Private Car Proposal Form. Office Proposal Form.

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Truck Plan Proposal Form. Contractors All Risks Proposal Form. In this same box you will find the plan fee disclosure document as well as important documents that will assist participants in understanding the investment options available to them and how to develop an investment strategy for their retirement plan accounts.

AXA Conservative-Plus Allocation: AXA Moderate Allocation Plan Illustration. AXA Philippines is one of the largest and fastest growing life insurance companies in the Have a chat with Coach Finn and let him guide you towards a winning game plan that will help you achieve financial stability.

Our commercial line of products are designed to provide protection for your business. Buy Online. Buy Online. AXA; My. BUSINESS PLAN PLUS Your Policy Terms and Conditions September Edition.

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3 Contents contract and the Proposal Form/Statement of Fact made by the Insured is the basis of the contract Important AXA Insurance UK plc Business The business stated in the Schedule. Structured Capital Strategies® is a variable and index-linked deferred annuity contract and is a long-term financial product designed for retirement purposes.

The liability of AXA Cooperative Insurance Company does not commence until the Proposal has been accepted and the Premium has been paid. AXA Cooperative Insurance Company reserves the right to ask for special terms or decline the Proposal.

Proposal forms the basis and is part of any Policy if issued in connection with the .

Axa business plan plus proposal form
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