Apple competitive strategy

Video of the Day Brought to you by Techwalla Brought to you by Techwalla Strong Integrated Supply Chain An ecosystem of suppliers, developers and business partners provides Apple with a strong competitive advantage.

For example, emphasis on elegant design combined user-friendliness and high-end branding effectively differentiate the company. This gives Apple control over the entire process of product development, manufacturing and marketing -- an advantage that competitors find difficult to match.

Products such as the iPhone, iPad and Mac share the same software and applications, and operate in a similar way, making the Apple product a natural choice when customers are considering another device.

Apple uses market penetration as its second most significant intensive strategy for growth. Apple grows because new products and models allow the firm to generate more revenues.

As one of the most valuable companies in the world, Apple shows that its generic strategy is a major determinant of advantage against other firms like LG, Samsung, and BlackBerry.

Apple’s Generic Strategy & Intensive Growth Strategies

Apple uses market development as the least significant of its intensive strategies for growth. For example, Apple applies this intensive strategy by selling more iPhones and iPads to its current target markets.

Product development requires that the company must offer attractive products to grow its market share and performance. For example, Apple reaches to individuals and business organizations through the MacBook product line. In this generic strategy, Apple does not focus on any specific market segment.

For example, the company continues to innovate through products like iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. For example, the company innovates to offer goods like Apple Watch, which is an entirely new product line for the firm.

This minimizes the risk, timescale and costs of product development, enabling the company to introduce a stream of new products and stay ahead of competitors.

Such expansion and business growth are achieved through intensive strategies for growth. A key competitive advantage for the company is its ability to develop innovative products that share the same operating system, software and applications.

Market development involves creating new markets for new products or entering entirely new markets. Such generic strategy requires that unique products should be offered to different market segments, which the company reaches through market development.

Apple must continually develop innovative products so that the firm always stands out against competitors. Through this intensive growth strategy, Apple views innovation as a critical success factor.

In particular, the firm achieves more sales by adding more authorized sellers in its current markets. In this intensive growth strategy, the firm also develops new products for the mobile market.

The company aims to offer customers a high-quality product with unique features and uses high prices to reinforce the perception of added value and maintain profitability.What Is Apple's Competitive Advantage in Its Industry?

by Ian Linton - Updated June 25, Apple Corp. manufactures and markets a variety of computers and consumer electronics products, including smartphones, tablets and music players.

What Is Apple's Competitive Advantage in Its Industry?

Apple's competitive advantage is growing in the smartphone, tablet and personal computer categories. The company's strength is product, including the iPhone, iPad, and Mac computers. But it's the. Why Apple Has a Strong Competitive Advantage.

Ben Bajarin on June 2, This location also plays well into Apple’s support strategy. The fact that consumers can go in and get support or repairs for their products and then get some other shopping done while they wait is a bonus.

But primarily it is the priority that Apple places on. Apple's application of this strategy is well known as most of us can remember the commercials with the boxey nerd being forced to present a PC's benefits next to Mr.

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Originally Answered: What are Apple’s. Apple’s closed ecosystem and brand appeal will protect its core iPhone business from hungry rivals. Apple Inc.'s Sustainable Competitive Advantages -- The Motley Fool Skip to. Apple’s generic strategy, based on Porter’s model, aligns with the company’s intensive growth strategies.

In particular, the intensive growth strategy of product development is key to fulfilling this generic strategy and supporting Apple’s success.

Apple competitive strategy
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