An overview of the netherlands country in europe and a brief demography

A parliamentary democracy under a constitutional monarchthe kingdom includes its former colonies in the Lesser Antilles: The census held in reported a total population of 11, The Netherlands has the highest museum density in the world with nearly 1, institutions. How can you tell which bike is yours?

Seabirds and other sea life, such as mollusks, are found especially in the muddy Waddenzee area and in the extreme southwest. Although the success of this struggle is visible today, efforts for further restoration are still ongoing.

For the male population, the life expectancy rate is Jews from the Iberian PeninsulaHuguenots from France, prosperous merchants and printers from Flandersand economic and religious refugees from the Spanish-controlled parts of the Low Countries found safety in Amsterdam.

The Netherlands - Demographics

More Timelines for World Countries: The average daily high in August is Even though less youth is meeting the PA norms, youth is more active compared to adults.

Summers are moderately warm with a number of hot days every month. But, for the first time, a majority coalition formed in the last September elections. Though deaths due to heart and vascular diseases have decreased in the periodfrom On average, frost occurs 60 days per year.

The heritage of Dutch humanism The considerable hospitality exhibited by the Dutch is perhaps to some extent rooted in the spirit of humanism that was typical of the Dutch Republic of the 16th to the 18th century. Soils In the late Pleistocene Epoch from aboutto 11, years agothe Scandinavian ice sheet covered the northern half of the Netherlands.

These more or less converging societal groupings have not completely obliterated a range of age-old regional cultural distinctions. Also during this time, the arts in Netherlands was at its peak with notable artists such at Rembrandt and Vermeer.

Population, births, deaths

In the 19th century, especially after the jubilee ofthe devotion was revitalized and became an important national point of reference for Dutch Catholics. In later years, Dutch power declined. The infant mortality rate for Netherlands is 3.

Lichamelijke inactiviteit en sedentair gedrag in Nederland Growth picked up in as households boosted purchases through reduced saving. After this period, a large area in the north of what is now the Netherlands was left covered by moraine glacial accumulation of earth and rock debris. Other ethnics that are minorities here include:The Port of Amsterdam to this day remains the second in the country, and the fifth largest seaport in Europe.

Famous Amsterdam residents include the diarist Anne Frank, artists Rembrandt van Rijn and Vincent van Gogh, and philosopher Baruch Spinoza. The Netherlands’ main export partners are Germany, Belgium and the UK, while its main import partners are Germany, China and Belgium.

The Netherlands was a founding member of the EEC (now the EU) and participated in the introduction of the euro in The Netherlands may be a small country in size, but certainly not in impact.

A brief introduction to the Netherlands

The Netherlands is famed for its liberal social policies, maritime trading traditions, battles to hold back the sea, robust multiculturalism and leading technological communications, making Dutch lifestyle a mosaic of cultural intrigue. Out of a total ofpeople emigrating to the Netherlands in66, were from Europe, Oceania, the Americas or Japan, and 34, were from other (mostly developing) countries.

Out of a total ofemigrants, 94, were going to Europe, Oceania, the Americas or Japan and 37, to other countries. The Netherlands' name reflects its low-lying topography, with more than a quarter of its total area under sea level. Now a constitutional monarchy, the country began its independent life as a republic in the 16th century, when the foundations were laid for it to become one of the world's foremost maritime trading nations.

Netherlands, country located in northwestern Europe, also known as Holland. potential of the more industrialized European countries attracted an increasing number of labour migrants from southern Europe, Turkey, and Morocco, so that the balance of in-migration and out-migration remained more or less static.

population and demography.

An overview of the netherlands country in europe and a brief demography
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