Alcohol should be banned in public

Sadly, in contrast, it is an good idea for the pockets of the alcohol industry. And then there are many more adults up to one in six in some estimates whose drinking causes major injury to themselves or their familes, or quietly erodes their health.

You drink a lot you may become stupid, more likely to injure yourself, violent or unable to keep themselves safe from cars, human aggressors or predators.

And not all of them are alcoholic, some just drank a bit above the old NHMRC limits and happened to have sensitive livers. The current approach is concerning.

My job involves treating people who are facing death as a result of their past alcohol consumption. Sure, no kids watched the Bathurst speed and booze fest weekend with almost constant associations between car racing and beer.

If you drink two beers a week every week for a year, your total that you have spent on beer is: If we slowly move each county from a wet county to a dry county, there would be less problems with the people because it would be like we were "weaning" them off of alcohol.

You would have to say, that advertising such a product is a highly hazardous affair, and should be reconsidered. With young people, the situation is much clearer: Con Alright then, lets get started.

You drink a little, you get lower rates of ischaemic heart disease. In truth the self regulation system really means no regulation.

You drink a little you become socially relaxed. These measures sought to end the sale and distribution of alcohol, and the intent was to ban alcohol completely. If beer was illegal, it would be less likely to happen, especially in teenagers.

Smoking is a black and white issue. My opponent did not attack my arguments in round two, so I will move on to attacking his arguments. In one Harvard study, the benefits were available from as little as half a drink four times per week.

When drunken responsibly, alcohol can actually be beneficial to the body. And people who really want a beer will go far measures to get one, including stealing from family members and strangers, stealing from the store, begging people for money, and pawning expensive stuff.

All just normal business. We also need a change in the way alcohol is taxed, from a health perspective alcohol should be taxed according to alcohol content not based on the colour of the drink i. This most obvious reason is that this was tried once before in the United States in with the creation of the Eighteenth Amendment and the enactment of the Volstead Act.

That is a total of: You drink a lot, your body becomes resistant to insulin or your pancreas is destroyed in a painful processand you get diabetes.

Australian children are being exposed to thousands of alcohol advertisements every year because of this loophole which not only promotes drinking to young people, but also tells kids that sport and alcohol go hand in hand.

Debate: Alcohol ban

It works like gun rights. Visited times, 1 visits today Please select a valid form Share. Create organized crime, and actually increase the number of drunkards, as well as destroy the ecomony.

Contention 2- The banishment of alchohol created crime During the s, the US tried to ban alchohol. By banning alchohol we would create a second mafia, further inhibit our economy, as well as increase crime rates.

Just because you have a quick drink does not mean you will get drunk.Alcohol should be banned. Alcohol is widely used and abused by many people all over the world; alcohol consumption is legal making the product easily available in liquor stores, restaurants, and all supermarkets.

Why shouldn't we ban alcohol? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 22 Answers. Vivek Ravindranath, Consultant. Public health-wise, we could easily regulate the distribution and consumption of alcohol without making it a huge burden on society as a whole.

Why alcohol should be banned? Instead people should know their limits and should. Should alcohol advertising be banned? Public health experts reply. A senior scientist, Professor Michael Good, has called for a ban on alcohol advertising.

alcohol: intoxicating liquor. banned: to prohibit or forbid. I think alcohol should be banned for many reasons: 1) only one or two drinks can impair your judgement and coordination needed to safely operate a car.

alcohol should be banned

some short term effects of alcohol are reduced inhibitions, loss of muscle control, memory loss or blackouts, nausea, vomiting. Smoking Should be Banned in Public Places Smoking in public places causes a considerable number of sicks to people and the government should be doing more to protect its citizens.

Smoking has several harmful effects on the body. Alcohol should be banned/restricted on principal; tax revenue is a practicality.

It is also true that tax revenues would be lost if alcohol were banned. However, again, this is not a principled reason to reject the proposition, simply a practical problem.

Alcohol should be banned in public
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