Academic writing expressions worksheet

Giving examples also makes your writing more comprehensive, showing other ways of looking at a topic and allows readers to investigate information further. Each pair of students will need a copy of each of the three versions of the game.

A video tutorial is provided at this site.

Essential Academic Writing Examples and Phrases!

Video playback may not work on all devices. For example, if you are a lone wolf who has just accomplished a complicated project, you get all the credit, your reputation grows faster, and you get paid more.

Ask students to work in pairs. It is important to prepare these in advance, as the 10 cards in each game set need to be cut out prior to play. Students can practice writing and interpreting expressions using this online activity: Now, distribute Expression Matching Games 2 and 3 to each pair of students.

To begin, put all 10 cards on your table with the writing showing. Review the exit slips before the next class period to identify common errors students are making and specific students that need extra support. Distribute Expression Matching Game 1 and introduce Game 1 as follows.

The difficulty increases slightly from Game 2 to Game 3. The student with the most matches when the game is over is considered the winner. If possible, copy each game set onto a different color of paper.

If the two cards they uncover are a match, they keep that pair of cards. Students ready for an additional challenge will find this Web site helpful.

The goal is to match each word phrase with the corresponding mathematical expression. The matching game consists of 10 cards. Without giving examples in your writing, your writing can be dry, unsubstantiated, and not well-rounded. Students may then take turns flipping over two cards.

Work together to find all of the matching sets of cards. This may lead to a decrease of personal interest and motivation in the work done.

That comes out of seeing. Without examples being given to illustrate your claims, a realistic picture cannot be given to your readers of what you mean to say or what you are trying to demonstrate.

Writing Algebraic Expressions

With 5 to 8 minutes left in the class period, distribute an index card to each student. Ask students to write a mathematical expression to represent this phrase. Five of the cards have a word phrase on them, and five have a mathematical phrase or expression on them.

This online activity engages students in writing equations, not simply expressions as in this lesson: Use the following strategies and activities to meet the needs of your students during the lesson and throughout the year.

A third Expression Matching Game is also provided. For Game 2, you may want to suggest students place the 10 cards so the writing cannot be seen. This will help keep the different versions of the game separate from each other. Do you want all the credit for the work done to be shared among a number of people?

You need to create that kind of detail and have credibility with the reader, so the reader knows that you were really there, that you really experienced it, that you know the details. Formal and Informal Email Phrases Starting with Greetings Giving Examples It is extremely important to supply examples to your readers which will illustrate your points.

Silverton Internet College Phrases and Words. To refresh students on lesson concepts during the year, try Video Tutorial—Interpreting Numerical Expressions.

Remind students that the order of a subtraction problem is important.In academic writing, there are certain words and phrases that are used consistently. If a student is able to become familiar with these words and phrases, their academic writing will certainly improve faster and their comprehension of academic texts will increase.

killarney10mile.comoncept 1. Writing Expressions and Equations CONCEPT 1 Writing Expressions and Equations Introduction Riding the T Kara and her twin brother Marc are going to be spending one month in Boston with their grandparents. A printable worksheet with ten questions on writing simple expressions e.g.

2 x (18 + 11). Variable and Verbal Expressions Date_____ Period____ Write each as an algebraic expression. 1) the difference of 10 and 5 10 − 5 2) the quotient of 14 and 7 14 7 3) u decreased by 17 Create your own worksheets like this one with Infinite Algebra 1.

Translating Phrases into Algebraic Expressions Worksheets

Free trial available at Title: Variable and Verbal Expressions. The Academic Phrasebank is a general resource for academic writers. It aims to provide the phraseological ‘nuts and bolts’ of academic writing organised according to. Practice writing algebraic expressions to match verbal descriptions of mathematical operations.

Academic writing expressions worksheet
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